What is Right Mail?

Email marketing is an important tool in the digital media spectrum. Whether you have an online store or offer services digitally – it is important to make use of email campaigns and grab more customers. Right Mail aims to do exactly that, with an extra twist: fewer hassles, more benefits. The secure email service enables you to send emails to your customers, leads, and new potential target markets in a quicker fashion.

Why Right Mail?

When you have to send business emails and design multiple business campaigns, it becomes important to invest in an email service that does the job perfectly. Right Email is your perfect companion in making your email marketing a huge success. Here are some of the reasons why Right Email is the best option in the market:

Bulletproof Security

Right Email’s data center have unparalleled security to offer you an uptime of 99.99%. It is a secure email hosting platform that is protected with double encryption at both ends.

Your Custom Domain

Create your custom domain to send emails to your customers and leads. The custom domain will help you in establishing a professional and business impact for your target market.


Automate your email campaigns. Set up your custom automation process for new subscribers, leads, loyal customers, etc. and save your valuable time.


Build a complete email campaign and schedule it for a later day/hour. Right Mail will notify you once the email(s) have been sent. This feature is especially of great use during the holiday season.

Mail Agent

With Right Mail, you can set external mail agents like MailChimp so that you no longer have to switch to different email platforms, rather work from just one interface.


The real-time insights aid you in keeping track of everything and designing better email campaigns in the future. It includes: Open rate, Sent emails, Failed emails, Opened emails, Received emails.

Right Templates

  • The pre-loaded templates are one of the hottest features of Right Mail. When you have no graphic designing sense and experience, the professionally designed templates will do your job perfectly.
  • The comprehensive email template builder of Right Mail lets you design and modify a pre-existing design according to your requirements.

Design. Test. Send. Track

Right Mail makes it easier than ever to:

  • Create an email campaign from scratch
  • Customize it according to your business requirements
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Send it to your subscribers
  • Track your performance
  • Build better future email campaigns

Right Mail's efficient tracking feature helps you in understanding how effective your email campaign was and what needs to be tweaked for the next email campaigns.