An all-in-one, easy-to-use, and customizable CRM that aids you in managing effective relationships with your current and potential customers.


Close More Sales with Right CRM

Your customers expect only the best from you. Right CRM helps you in delivering that exceptional customer experience to every customer of yours so that they feel valued and important. It is specially designed to aid you in every stage of sale, right from leads to loyal customers.

  • Improvement in lead conversion rates
  • Increase in revenue
  • Effective engagement with customers
  • Boost in customer retention
  • More sales
  • Real-time insights about customers

Vision Behind CRM

Get powerful, real-time analytics that can help you make smarter business decisions. The vision behind building Right CRM was to help you in creating a better customer experience most comfortably and easily. It constitutes of features that will make your customer services more reliable and amazing.

Why Choose Right CRM?

With Right CRM - you save your resources, get more done in less time, and have an efficient system running that works like a credible and efficient digital assistant. Here are some of the top reasons why you should choose Right CRM:

Task Automation

Instead of dedicating resources for tedious tasks, automate them with the Right CRM and save your time. Design pre-defined conditions for your incoming leads and potential customers.

Custom user permissions

Give permissions to users/administrators based on pre-defined parameters. Restrict their actions and access based on custom-defined parameters.


With CRM, remain on top of all your customers’ data including management of every file of the customer, keeping tabs on all the interactions a customer does with your website/business, etc.

Right Tracking

Get real-time insights about your customers and leads. Generate different types of reports to measure your success. Track the performance of your business against set KPIs.


Customize the interface of CRM according to your business needs Manage several business processes in the CRM, defined by you.

Lead generation

Right CRM also works as a lead generation for you and helps you in custom targeting potential and loyal customers throughout the different stages of the sales funnel.

Less Investment & More Return

There is nothing better than getting an all-in-one solution. Right CRM enables you to engage with your customers across several channels at different stages of the sale funnel.