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Reduce your operational costs, improve efficiency and get thorough real-time insights about your business with Right Apps.

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Right App is a web of integrated apps that aspires to make your life easier and more manageable than before. From making your customers happy with quick responses to sending them automated emails, keeping tabs on your inventory and getting real-time analytics - Right Apps do all of these.

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Right CRM

An all-in-on CRM that aids you in managing effective relationships with your customers. Easy-to-use and customisable according to your business requirements.

Right Analytics

Right Analytics helps you in sorting out the grandiose amount of data you have, into useful and bite size bits. Create better marketing campaigns based on real-time data.

Right Order

Instead of hiring multiple resources to take care of your business order process, make Right Order Management your assistant and manager. Automate order workflows, generate reports.

Right Template

Templates designed by pro designers. Whether you want a landing page or simply want to collect information of your leads via form - you can find one that fits your requirements.

Right Inventory

Helps managers in always being at top of their inventory. You no longer have to hire resources or purchase multiple membership plans to manage your inventory perfectly!

Right Product

Helps managers in doing maximum in least amount of time. Upload new products, delete old ones, create new categories, generate reports to analyse the sale trends and project future sales.


To excel today means covering every aspect and delivering simply the best products and services to your customers. Right Apps aspire to help its clients and provide them with essential applications that will lower their costs, reduce resources and increase sales.

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Reduce your operational costs. Get more done with less resources and less time.


Select cloud storage and the size of database you require, according to your business requirement.


All Right Apps are GDPR complaint. Your data is owned and viewed only by you

No more hassle

Right Apps are integrated perfectly with one another so that you get a seamless experience that works for you with excellence.

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How to Use Right App?

In this section, you wil find thorough and informative videos to help you in making the most of Right App suite. The videos explore how to use the individual apps in a more effective manner.

Run Your Business Right with Right App

Right Apps has is a complete business solution. While you focus on your core business operations, Right App takes care of all other business operations for you.