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A platform to keep tabs on all your products

Running a business, whether brick-and-mortar or digital is not an easy task. Being the manger or CEO, you have to keep tabs on all the different aspects to ensure best customer experience for your users. Right Product has been built to help managers in doing maximum in least amount of time. You can integrate Right Product with third-party apps and enjoy a seamless integration. Upload new products, delete the redundant ones, create new categories and generate reports to analyse the sale trends and project future sales. With Right Product, you have everything on your fingertips.

Why choose Right Product

Instead of managing bulky product catalogues, with Right Product - your life becomes easier and smoother. Everything related to your products is available digitally; saving your time and resources.

Save time

You no longer have to maintain bulky product catalogues to always be on top of your product inventory. With Right Product, you can easy get an overview about all of your products easily.

Gain insights

Want to get a report about a particular product? Or a monthly report about your best-selling products? This feature lets you generate custom reports.

User-friendly interface

The user-friendly interface enables you to add/modify/delete products easily. From categorising the products to adding barcodes, you can add all details to your products.

Automate Tasks

With Right Product, save time and resources by automating tasks. From scheduling pre-correspondence to optimising product experience

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